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About me


Knut Arne Bjørndal
Oslo, Norway, 12. Oct 1986
Bergen, Norway


I enjoy working, playing, or otherwise fiddling with computers, and this is my main hobby.
When not slouching in front of, or inside, a computer I also enjoy downhill skiing and reading. I mostly read fantasy and thrillers.


I use my nickname "Bob Kåre" quite often, and lots of people wonder about how I got it. Here's the story:

When attending Fredly Folkehågskole in 2002-2003 I shared a room with another guy. It seems he couldn't remember my real name, so he ran after me shouting "Bob Kåre".
After some time I finally figured out it was me he was shouting at, and with time I came to like the nickname a bit, so I used it more and more — at some point I barely reacted to my real name, and now I use it mostly on the net (where it's often converted into the ascii-compatible "bobkare").